A deal’s information is saved in the following groups: 


Basic Information

This includes all the default deal fields that can be filled in manually through deal forms and during import or automatically using CRM Code Library.


Here’s the list of fields. 

Field Name


Deal Name

Deal’s name

Eg: Premium upgrade

Deal Value

Deal’s potential in dollars

Eg: $5000


The type of the deal

Eg: New Deal, Subscription upgrade, etc.

Expected close date

The date when the deal is expected to close.


  • Admins can enable Prevent users from setting past dates for this field
  • Enabling the above does not prevent admins or API updates from setting past dates. This feature is coming soon to the mobile app.

Closed date

The date when the deal is closed.


The product the deal is for

Eg: Widget books

Payment status

The mode of payment for the deal (Online/Offline)


Probability of winning the deal

Eg: 70%


The owner assigned to the deal

Eg: Rebecca Moris

Deal Pipeline

The pipeline to which the deals belong

Eg: E-commerce sales

Deal Stage

The stage your deal is currently in

Eg: Negotiation


The account that the deal is associated with

Eg: Cooper Myers Co

Related Contacts

The contacts in the deal the account is associated with

Eg: Roy Macklemore


The source of the deal–where it came from

Eg: Email


The campaign that landed this deal

Eg: Webinar

Additional Information

This includes custom fields that capture additional information about the deal such as Products Used, Product fit, Enterprise Requirement, etc. The custom fields can be filled in manually through the deal forms or during import and automatically using CRM Code Library.

To customize the deal fields,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Deals & Pipelines > Deals.

  2. Look for the deal field that you would like to edit via the search bar on the Settings page. If this is a dependent field, you will be able to view the controlling field like the below:

  3. In the Edit Field overlay, 

    1. You can edit the Field Label, and add a Tooltip and Placeholder text. The Internal Name and Field type for default fields cannot be edited. However, they can be edited for custom fields. You can also move the field to a group of your choice by selecting from the Group or sub-group dropdown.

    2. You can configure the field properties such as making it a required field, read-only field, unique field and also opt to display the field in the quick add form.

If you have chosen the field type to be Multiselect, Checkbox, or Radio, you may edit or delete the existing choices, and add new ones by clicking the Add choice button.

  1. Once you are done, click Save