Deals are sales opportunities you strike with your customers. You can create deals by choosing the Add Deals icon,

1. From the Quick actions bar

2. From an account or a contact details page. 

To create a deal,

1. Go to the Add Deal overlay using anyone of the ways listed above. 

2. Enter the deal details. Click on Show all fields to view custom fields. 

3. Freshsales auto-creates a deal name based on the account name and deal type.

4. You can create a new contact right from the Add deal form. Enter the name of the new contact and click Create new Contact. In the window that opens up, enter contact details and click Add.

5. Click on Add products to select from the dropdown. Once you add products to the deal, the Deal value is automatically calculated based on the Price, Quantity and Discount.

6. To create a new product, click on Add products In the overlay, add the name of the new product in the Name dropdown and click on Create new product. Fill in the product details and click Add.

7. Click Save once you're done.

8. You can find the new deal in the

  • Deals list view page 
  • Details page of the contacts associated with the deal
  • Details page of the account to which the deal belongs


Here’s the list of default fields in the web application. You can always create custom fields to capture additional information for the deals.  

Field Name


Deal name

The name of the deal
Eg: Big Win

Deal value

The value of the deal in dollars
E.g: $10K

Deal type

The type of the deal
E.g: New Business

Expected close date

The date when the deal is expected to close

Closed date

The date when the deal is closed


The company that the deal is for (in a multi-product company)

Payment Status 

The mode of payment for the deal (Offline/Online)


The probability of winning the deal

E.g: 70%

Sales owner

The user assigned to the deal
E.g: Rebecca Morris

Deal stage 

The stage you deal is currently in
E.g: Negotiation

Related account

The account that the deal is currently associated with
E.g: Cooper Myers Y Co

Related contacts

The contacts in the account the deal is associated with
Eg: Reita Tabar 


The source of the deal– where it came from
E.g: Email


The campaign that landed this deal
E.g: Webinar