Chat widget is positioned on the right side bottom corner by default. You can move the position of the chat widget from right to left side. 

You can use the following code snippet to do this. Use this code within the body tag of your website.

<script>window.fcSettings = {token: "Web_Chat_Token,host: "",config: {headerProperty: {direction: 'ltr' //will move widget to left side of the screen}}};</script><script src="" async></script>

Note: You can find your Web_Chat_Token under Admin Settings > Web Messenger > Getting Started > STEP 2.

You can also change the position of the widget using your css stylesheet instead. To do this, use the below code in your stylesheet.


<style>.custom_fc_frame {right: 50px !important;bottom: 30px !important;}</style>




  "config": {

     "cssNames": {

        "widget": "custom_fc_frame"



  "host": "",

  "token": "enter token here"