Translate FAQs

Once you configure your Chat account to support multiple languages, you can translate your FAQ articles into these languages. For example, if you have added French and Spanish as supported languages, you will be able to create a version of all your FAQ articles in these languages.

How to translate FAQs

To translate FAQs, go to Admin Settings > Channels > Chat Settings > FAQs

Pick a category and click on the language against the FAQ article you want to translate.

Note: 1. Each language icon with translated content will be in blue, while grey    indicates that you are yet to add translated content in that language.
2. Click on 'Show disabled languages' to see the list of languages yet to be translated.

Add the translated content for category title and description. Enable the toggle to publish the translated category once you hit Save.

Next, add translations for your article title and content. The tags and platforms you configure for the default language will be applicable for all translations. Select ‘Hide this FAQ for…’ checkbox to save the article as a draft, if you don’t want to go live with it immediately.

You can preview FAQ articles in a specific language by selecting the language from ‘Preview FAQs in’ drop-down.