Labeling conversations helps track and understand various customer queries, such as feature requests, bugs, complaints, or product feedback. 

By identifying patterns in customer messages, you can improve your product/service. This allows your engineers to assess the impact of bugs, and your design team to gauge customer experience. Sharing labeled conversations ensures relevant feedback reaches the appropriate individuals within your company.

How to create Conversation Labels?

Go to Admin Settings Channels Chat Settings Conversation Labels Add Conversation Labels

You can create a Conversation Label and add multiple sub-categories under this label. 

You can only edit/disable labels and subcategories. To edit a Conversation Label, click on the drop-down against the Conversation Label.


- Only Chat team members with their role as Account Owner/Admin will be able to create Conversation Labels

- You cannot delete a label once created.

How to label a conversation

When you resolve(close) a conversation, you will be able to add a label to the conversation.

Some examples of Conversation Labels

Feature Request

Label conversations to understand and prioritize customer requests for new features, which can inform the product roadmap and guide product evolution.

Bug Report

Label conversations as bug reports, assign them to relevant engineers, add private notes if necessary, and thank the customer for reporting the bug. Provide updates when the bug is fixed to create a positive customer experience.

Churn Feedback

Label conversations with churned customers to gather feedback and understand their reasons for leaving. Take necessary actions to prevent churn in the future based on this feedback.

Happy Customer

Label conversations with positive feedback to share with relevant teams. You can use positive customer quotes for marketing materials and show gratitude to customers for their feedback.

How to track the volume of tickets associated with various conversation labels?

To measure the volume or trend of your conversation labels, you can use 'Chat reports' in the CRM.

- Navigate to Analytics Chat reports

- Navigate to Chat Analytics  Conversation Overview Report ( Curated )

- Expand the widget titled "Conversations resolved trend."

- Here, in the underlying data, you will be able to add "label category" or the subcategory when you click on the gear icon to add additional fields:


- Chat reports are only available with the Pro and Enterprise plans.