Save time with pre-saved replies

Often customers tend to keep coming with repetitive and similar queries. And answering the same questions, again and again, will be tedious and time consuming for your support team. This is where chat’s Canned Responses will be really useful.

By pre-saving replies to common queries as Canned Responses, you can speed up your response time, while keeping your replies personalized.

Use Canned Response in a conversation

You can easily send a canned response in a conversation by typing “/”(forward slash) followed by the shortcode. When you create canned responses in chat you will add a shortcode to each canned response that you create, make sure the short code you add is relevant and easy to remember.

You can also add a canned response to your reply by selecting the canned response icon from below the reply text box. From here you can search for your saved replies and also preview it before adding it to a conversation.

Note: Whenever you are using a canned response in a conversation, it's a good idea to add a personal note at the beginning or end of the saved reply to connect with your customers.

Create a Canned Response

It is easy to create a Canned Response in chat. If your role in the chat is an Admin/Account Owner you can create canned replies for yourself as well as your team members. 

Go to Admin Settings > Canned Responses > New Canned Response

Give a title to your canned response. It can be a question that a customer asks. For example, How to change password. Type your reply. You can also include emojis or images in your response. Add a short code that you’ll remember to easily access the canned response later. In our example, the short code can be ‘pswd’ or ‘password’.

Next select a folder under the personal or shared category. Saved replies in your personal folder will be visible only to you, while those in the shared folders will also be available to your team members.

You can delete a canned response any time. 

You can also move canned responses between folders and across categories.

Folders under personal/shared category

You can create multiple folders in personal and shared categories. Just click the + sign next to the 'Create Category'

Give a name and select the team members with whom you want to share this folder. You can share the new folder with all your team members or with specific teams. 

You can also edit/delete a folder anytime by selecting the folder and going to the Manage option in the top right corner.