While sending a bulk email to a group of contacts, you can add an additional layer of personalization to a few selected recipients. 

For example, while sending out a note appreciating the interest shown by 50 contacts towards your product,  you can mention the availability of a discount to only four of them by adding a "Click here for some exciting discounts" line. 

To personalize bulk emails, 

  1. In the Bulk email compose window, click Personalize.
    Sending bulk emails to contacts

  1. On the personalize email overlay that appears, select a specific contact from the list of recipients or add new recipients for whom you want to add a personalized message. You can add up to 10 recipients.

  2. Type in the personalized message for the contact/s.

  1. Click Next.

  2. In the next screen, you can set up the following:

    1. Give your bulk email a name - for example, “Product updates email”.

    2. Decide whether to send the email immediately or schedule it for a later time.

    3. Choose to track the email for opens and clicks.

    4. Add an unsubscribe link to make sure your uses have a way to opt-out of your emails.

  1. Click Send

1) You can also choose to add new placeholders or remove attachments from a particular contact’s email.
2) When you close the personalized bulk email overlay, bulk emails would be saved as a draft, however, the personalized content will be present only for the next 24 hours.
3) You also have the option to add a different 'Reply to' address while sending out bulk emails.