Whenever the bounce rate of your emails crosses 5%, you receive a warning message to draw your attention. This is an indication that your bounce rate is high and you need to pay attention to bring it down. This notification will pop-up until the bounce rate drops below 5%.

Email service providers are scored based on the recipient’s response to emails sent, how frequently recipients unsubscribe or report spam. The higher the reputation, the better is the sender’s deliverability. 

Note: When your bounce rate crosses 10%, your email feature will be suspended indefinitely. You need to clean up your junk contacts and write to crm-support@freshworks.com to get it enabled again.

How is Bounced Rate calculated?

The bounce rate is checked daily by considering the emails sent in the last 7 days by using the following formula:   bounce_percent = total_bounce_last_week/total_sent_last_week * 100,
when the total number of emails sent in a week is at least 49. 

So, what should I do to bring down the bounce rate?

The ideal way to bring down bounce rate is to filter out contacts that have bounced or invalid email addresses and then follow it up by sending emails until your bounce rate drops. To lower the bounce rate,

Step 1: Clean up your mailing list

  1. On your contacts module, click the Filter by option. This opens a sidebar that allows you to filter contacts based on various conditions.

  2. Choose Subscription Status from the dropdown. Filter out contacts based on the conditions - Bounced and Reported as spam. Click Apply. Or you ca directly Navigate to the Bounced Contacts View.


3. Bulk select contacts that have been segregated using the filter conditions. Click on the Delete button to remove the contacts.

Step 2: Send emails to the cleaned list

It is important to understand that bounce rate is an average value and can only be reduced gradually.

So, for your bounce rate to fall, start sending emails to contacts who are likely to open or respond to your emails. This improves the open rate of your emails and reduces the bounce rates gradually.