If your email feature is disabled, you will keep receiving a notification in the product concerning this.


Why did this happen?

Whenever the bounce rate of your emails crosses 5%, you will see a warning message to draw your attention. This is an indication that your bounce rate is high and you need to pay attention to drop it. This notification will pop-up as long as your bounce rate is high.

When your bounce rate crosses 10%, your email feature will be suspended indefinitely. Clean up your junk contacts send an email to crm-support@freshworks.com to request the feature again.

How are bounce rates calculated?

The bounce rate is calculated using the bounce rate calculator, which runs on a daily basis. The bounce rate refers to the percentage of emails that were returned or bounced out of the total number of emails sent from the system within the past 7 days.

Bounce rate = (Total no of bounced emails/ total no of emails sent in last 7 days) * 100

For instance, if 50 out of 500 emails from the system bounced back undelivered, the bounce rate would be 10%.

Why is the email feature disabled?

When the bounce rate is high, spam filters have a higher chance of blocking your emails. This affects the reputation of product’s email functionality and, in turn, adversely impacts the deliverability of your emails and that of other customers. Hence, there is a cap on the bounce rate of your emails at 5%.

For example, if you are running a sales campaign for a group of 500 contacts, no more than 25 emails can be invalid or bounced. 

When the bounce rate crosses 5%, you will start receiving a warning notification until the bounce rate reaches 10%.

The email feature will be disabled under the following circumstances:

  • If the bounce rate exceeds 20% if the total number of emails sent in last 7 days ranges from 49 to 499.
  • If the bounce rate exceeds 10% if the total number of emails sent in last 7 days is more than 499.

So, what should I do to bring down the bounce rate?

The ideal way to bring down bounce rate is to filter out contacts with bounced or invalid email addresses and then follow up by sending emails until your bounce rate drops. You can lower the bounce rate by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. On your contacts module, click the Filter by option. This opens a sidebar that allows you to filter contacts based on various conditions.

  2. Choose Subscription Status from the dropdown. Filter out contacts based on the conditions - Bounced and Reported as spam. Click Apply.

  3. Bulk select contacts that have been segregated using the filter conditions. Click on the Delete button to remove the contacts.

  1. Write to crm-support@freshworks.com to get the email feature re-enabled.

Note: The authority to re-enable your email feature lies only with the support team. To re-enable the feature, contact the support team and inform that your mailing list has been sanitized. Upon verification, the email feature will be re-enabled.
  1. Once your email functionality is live, get started by sending emails to those contacts with whom you are certain of getting a response or opens. This improves the open rate of your emails and reduces the bounce rates gradually.

Note:You will still receive an error notification as your bounce rate on the decline could still be higher than 5%. Only when it drops below 5% will the notifications stop popping up.

A valid email has got bounced, and when I try to send bulk emails, I receive an error called "Email is bounced." How do I fix this?

If the valid email addresses are temporarily bounced, and to make the email status active again, we need to edit the "Emails" field to a different email value and then update this back to the original address again. 

Is there any way to validate the email bounces within CRM? 

There is no way to validate if the email is invalid before the email is at least once sent from Freshsales to the contact and validate if it gets bounced. But, before we send out the emails, if we would like to validate the addresses, we can use the following external tool. 


My email feature seems to be disabled, but there are no bounces. Why?

If you add more than ten recipients in the BCC and if the email has been sent more than two times with the same process, the email feature gets disabled.