Add a meeting that automatically notifies all the attendees and related contacts about the time, venue, and purpose of the meeting before it commences. You can also add people outside of the product to attend the meeting by entering their email addresses. They are not only invited to the meeting but are added as contacts as well. 
You can also set the meeting in the time zone of the related contact for their convenience. The meeting will be displayed in the equivalent time of your time zone, saving you the trouble of having to calculate the difference in time.


Activities Dashboard

  1. Go to Activities Dashboard

  2. Click Add meeting

  1. In the Add meeting overlay, give a suitable title for the meeting. This is a mandatory field.

  2. To set the meeting for the entire day, enable the All Day toggle. By default it's disabled. (Default duration: 9 a.m to 6 p.m). 

  3. Using the date picker, choose the date and time for the meeting to begin and end. Your current date and time is displayed by default. The time can be chosen in hours and in intervals of 15 minutes. 

  4. Choose the time zone of the related contact.

  5. Enter the location (city/venue) in the Where field.

  6. Describe the purpose of the meeting in the Description. This is to help other users understand the meeting better.

  7. Search for the contact, account and deal you want this meeting associated with in the Related to search box and choose from the search results that appear.

  8. The Attendee is by default the user creating the meeting. 

    • However, you can change the owner to another user if you please, by clicking the remove icon beside the attendee and choosing a different user from the Attendee dropdown.

    • You can invite other users to an meeting by including the names of the users under Attendees. You can have any number of users as Attendees

    • You can also invite people outside the product by entering their email addresses in Attendees. They are added as new contacts and invited to the meeting as well.

  9. Click Save
    Inviting people outside the product to a meeting

Details page of contacts and accounts

Select Meetings > Add meeting on the details page of a contact or account to add a meeting.

Contacts and Accounts module pages
On the Contacts or Accounts module, click the three dots icon and select Add Meeting to add a meeting.

Adding a meeting from the Contacts module

After a Phone call

  1. Go to Conversations > Phone > All Phone Calls (You can choose Voicemail to add meetings specifically from voicemails)

  2. Select a call log from an existing contact, click the More button and choose Add meeting.

Quick Add button
Click the + Quick Add button > Add meeting


Additionally, a notification email is sent to you when,



Email is sent to

New Meeting is created


Task is edited (Addition of an attendee)

New attendee

Task is updated (Change in date)


Note: On conclusion of an meeting, an outcome can be added in the Edit Meeting overlay as Interested, Left message, No response, Not interested or Not able to reach.