Associate your deals with the product or service that you sell. The sales tax and discounts to be applied are auto-calculated to arrive at the correct deal value. Click here to know about how you can enable products.

Once you've added products, associate them with deals by going to Admin Settings > Account Settings > CPQ Settings and Enable Add products to deals toggle.

Note: Deal value becomes a read-only field when a deal is associated with products. Ensure that your products are configured before you enable this setting.

To associate products with a deal,

1. Go to Deals module. 
2. On the list view, click on a deal to view the landing page.
3. Click on Add Product in the Products box on the right or click on the Add Product button on the Action bar. 

4. Click the Add/Edit or Add Product button.
5. Click on the search bar to search and select your product(s).

6. Enter the value of discount (if applicable) for some or all of the products. The deal value will automatically change in accordance with the discount applied. The tax percentage applied by the admin will also reflect here.

7. You can also create new products from this overlay. To create a new product, enter the name of the product in the search bar and click on Create new product. Fill in the product details and click Add.

Note: You can edit the prices of existing products when adding a product to the deal. This will be a custom price that is applied only to the deal, there will be no impact on the original price of the product. The edit access for this field is provided to all users who have edit access for the products module. 

8. The deal value is auto-calculated based on the inputs provided.
9. Click Save.