By enabling the products module, you can now bring your products (hardware or software) or services that you offer into the CRM, and set the type of pricing.

To enable the products module, 

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Account Settings > CPQ Settings.

  1. Enable Products toggle

You can choose from one of three pricing type choices:

  1. One-time pricing: A flat or unit-based pricing.

            Formula used to calculate:  [ price of product * quantity ] -  discount + tax

  1. Subscription pricing: You can choose from monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. Subscription-based pricing models. You can also add the number of billing cycles for the subscription chosen.

    Formula used to calculate: [ [ price of product * quantity ] + setup fee ] - discount + tax

  1. Both: You can choose to have either one-time or subscription-based pricing.

Formula used to calculate: value of product with one-time pricing + value of product with subscription price.

1. You can also add the tax to be applied to the price by specifying the tax percentage. 

2. The tax percentage entered here will be applied to all the products.

Once the products module is enabled, you will receive emails outlining the following migration:

  1. All the products that were associated with deals will get added to the related section

  2. For these deals, the deal value remains unchanged and will be updated only when you add or edit products.

  3. All your existing products (from the Product field in deals) will now be in the new Products module.

Note: By default, products module is disabled. You need to have an administrator role to enable this feature.