Set up the URL that can be used by users in your organization to log in and access all accounts they are a part of. You can also rebrand the icon and logo present to reflect your brand.

To change the organization’s URL,

  1. Go to the Profile icon > Edit.

  2. Go to the Organization Dashboard > Click Change Organization URL.

  1. On the Change Organization URL overlay, enter the new organization URL.

  2. Click Change.

    1. Organization URL can only have numbers, letters and hyphen(-).
    2. All the users will be logged out and will be prompted to login to the new Organization URL.
    3. The old Organization URL will not be accessible any longer and all the users need to use the updated Organization URL.
    4. If you have configured custom SSO, you will have to update the configuration in your Identity Provider to reflect the new Organization URL.
    5. All the user activation links or reset password links with old Organization URL will not be functional any longer.
    6. You cannot undo this change.

To configure the  organization branding,

  1. Go to the Organization Dashboard.

  2. In the Customisations section, under Organization Icon click Upload to upload the icon that will be reflected in the browser and left navigation bar.

    Note: A resolution of at least 32x32 and 1:1 aspect ratio is recommended

  1. Under the Organization Logo, click Upload to upload the organization logo.

    Note: A resolution of at least 120x30 and 4:1 aspect ratio is recommended