Users have the option to upload display pictures for deals. This is particularly useful for sales agents in industries such as Real estate or Antiques where users sell properties or artwork.

To enable display pictures on deals,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Deals & Pipelines > Deals.

  2. Turn on the Enable display pictures for deals toggle. This enables users to upload pictures on deals.

When this option is disabled, users will lose access to add display pictures to deals.

To add display pictures to a deal,

  1. Go to the Deals module and choose any deal.
  2. Click on the deal name to open the Deal details overlay.

3. Now, select the image icon next to the Deal name and click Add. This brings up the Add files overlay. Upload a picture from your system.


4. Crop or resize the picture by dragging the highlighted area. Once you’ve made suitable modifications to the picture, click AddThe display picture will be added to your deal.

To view a deal picture in full size, hover on top of the deal card. This presents you with the option to view the full picture. Click on View in full screen to view in full size.

What will happen to my deal pictures if I downgrade my plan?

On disabling the display pictures from admin settings, the already uploaded pictures are retained for a period of 7 days before they are completely removed from the system.