When you create a deal for an account, you can start tracking the various stages of the deal to give you a clear picture of the deals that are likely to close and the ones that are not.

To customize deal stages,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Deals & Pipelines > Pipelines.

  2. Edit an existing pipeline or create a new one.

  1. Populate the stages and reorder them as required using the drag icon.

  2. Assign deal stage probability for each deal stage. The probability is a percentage operator and operates on the total deal value of the stage. Users can change the probability of deals manually if required.

  1. Click Save. All saved changes are reflected in the deals tab.

Refer to this solution article on how to customise information displayed for deals for more detailed information.

1. Deal stage customization is an admin-only capability.
2. Won and Lost are default stages in every pipeline.
3. There is no cap on the number of stages per pipeline. At least a minimum of 3 stages is mandatory (inclusive of Won & Lost).
4. Each stage in a pipeline should have a unique name.
5. You can find the customized stages in the deal stage filter and also in your deal Kanban view.
6. Custom pipeline is available from the Pro plan in both the Freshsales and Freshsales Suite.