Deals can be viewed in multiple views that can be filtered and sorted. Users can switch between the views to know more about the progress of the deals. This article explains the difference between table and card views


Card views

  • Displays the deals according to their stages in the sales pipeline

  • Switch between different card views - Pipeline, Forecast, or Group by (deals grouped based on specific fields)

  • Drag and drop deals to move them across stages.

  • Switch between different pipelines and view the progress of deals in that pipeline.

  • Choose a particular owner in your team and have a look at their pipeline separately.

  • Find the number of deals and the sum total of the deals’ value in each stage - This helps you get a picture of the progress of the deals.

  • You can forecast expected sales based on the probability of deals in their pipeline

  • You can also sort your deals by their deal value, name, account name, deal pipeline, deal stage, sales owner etc and the time when they were created and updated.

Comfortable Table view

  • An enhancement to the list view for your sales teams to improve productivity and ease of use and increase revenue

  • Gives you a spreadsheet-like experience

  • Tabs help you switch between multiple views. Below is an example of the comfortable view in Table view
    Compact Table View

  • The compact table view is a more compressed version of the comfortable view
  • You can view up to 100 deals without having to scroll or zoom out of the browser page