Deals can be viewed in multiple views that can be filtered and sorted. Users can switch between the views to know more about the progress of the deals. This article explains the difference between the funnel and list views.


Funnel view

  • Displays the deals according to their stages in the sales pipeline.

  • You can drag and drop deals to move them across stages.

  • You can switch between different pipelines and view the progress of deals in that pipeline.

  • You can choose a particular owner in your team and have a look at their pipeline separately.

  • You can find the number of deals and the sum total of the deals’ value in each stage - This helps you get a picture of the progress of the deals.

  • You can forecast expected sales based on the probability of deals in their pipeline

  • You can also sort your deals by their stage, pipelineownerexpected close date and the time when they were created and updated.

Default List view

  • Displays the deals as a list that can be sorted by their Deal valueDeal stage, Expected close date, Sales Owner, Deal pipeline and Account Name 

  • You can further narrow your list by using a combination of filters, custom views or both.

  • You could also add filters of your choice and save them as custom views that can be used later.

  • Deals can be updated and deleted in bulk when you view them as a list.

Compact List View

  • The compact list view is a more compressed version of the default list view
  • More number of deals can be viewed without having to scroll or zoom out of the browser page
  • Sort and filter capabilities are similar to the default list view.
Note: The Free plan in Freshsales and Freshsales Suite has the Default list view only.