View your open deals by using the Open deals view which is available in the funnel, list and timeline views. 


Types of views

In the list view, you can refine your open deals by using the appropriate filter criteria while the funnel view can be used to get a summary of your open deals across each stage and the timeline view helps to view the deals by their expected close date.

Sort Fields

All views support sorting deals by the following fields:

  • Name

  • Deal value

  • Account Name

  • Deal pipeline

  • Deal stage

  • Lost reason

  • Closed date

  • Sales owner

  • Product

  • Deal value in Base Currency

  • Payment status

  • Expected close date

  • Probability (%)

  • Territory

  • Type

  • Source

  • Campaign

  • Last activity type

  • Last activity date

  • Created by

  • Created at

  • Updated by

  • Updated at

  • Webform

  • Upcoming activities

  • Deal stage updated at

  • Last assigned at

  • Expected deal value

List View (Default and Compact)

  1. Go to the Deals > Click Default List View or Compact List View from the dropdown.

  2. Choose Open Deals from the views dropdown.

  3. You can sort the deals by their deal valuestage, expected close date, and the time when they were created and updated.

  4. You can also use filters like Deal TypeAccount name, etc to narrow your list of open deals. You can add filters and save filter criteria as custom views too.

Default List View

Compact List View

Funnel View

  1. Go to the Deals > Click Funnel View 

  2. Choose Open Deals from the views dropdown.

  3. You can find your open deals listed under their respective stages (both custom and default).

  4. You can sort the deals by their valuestage, expected close date and the time when they were created and updated too.

  5. You can move them to a different stage, delete them, or mark them as Won and Lost by simply dragging and dropping the deals.

Learn more about the differences between the list and funnel view.

Timeline View

  1. Go to the Deals > Click Timeline view.

  2. Choose Open Deals from the views dropdown.

  3. You can view the deals here based on their Expected close date arranged.

  4. Switch between monthly and quarterly view and hover on the View details button under the month or quarter to get a quick breakup of the deals in the month or quarter.

  5. You can drag and drop the deals to a different month or quarter