Effectively tracking your open deals is crucial for successful sales management. In this article, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on accessing and utilizing various views, effectively sorting and filtering deals, and much more.


Types of views

From the Deals module, you can choose any one of the tabs and filter them to see a list of refined deals. You can also create a tab or view with filters of your choice by going to Deals > + [number of tabs] > Add new view.  By default, The Open Deals view will appear as the first tab in your Deals module.

Sort Fields

All views support sorting deals by the following fields:

  • Name

  • Deal value

  • Account Name

  • Deal pipeline

  • Deal stage

  • Lost reason

  • Closed date

  • Sales owner

  • Forecast category

  • Type

  • Product

  • Deal value in Base Currency

  • Payment status

  • Expected close date

  • Probability (%)

  • Territory

  • Source

  • Campaign

  • Last activity type

  • Last activity date

  • Created by

  • Created at

  • Updated by

  • Updated at

  • Web form

  • Deal stage updated at

  • Last assigned at

  • Expected deal value

Table View (Compact and Comfortable)

1. Go to the Deals module and select the Open Deals view from the tab of available views.

2. Choose the Table view option from the dropdown to view the list of refined deals in tabular format.

3. You can group your deals by deal stageexpected close date(monthly or quarterly), forecast category, territory, type, and sales owner. However, your Deals page will switch to Kanban view once you select the Group by criteria. 

4. You can also perform bulk actions on the list of open deals, such as deleting deals, updating fields, adding tags, sending bulk emails, and bulk assigning deals to sales owners.

5. To narrow your search results further, add filters of your choice. You can save your search criteria as a custom view to avoid repeated creation of the view. Click Filter by to open the filter overlay. 

6. Click on All owners option to filter your deals based on the Sales Owner.

7. Click on the Gear icon to customize fields in the table view, set deal pipelines, manage pipelines and set rotting age for your deals. 

Compact Table View

Comfortable Table View

Kanban View

1. Go to the Deals module and select the Open Deals view from the tab of available views.

2. Choose the Pipeline view option from the dropdown to view the deals grouped by various deal stages by default.

3. You group the deals according to 

  1. Deal stages, 

  2. Next Monthly or Quarterly renewals

  3. Forecast category

  4. Territory

  5. Type

  6. Sales owner

  7. Product / Services

4.Furthermore, you can sort the deals by their namevalue, account name, deal pipeline, and stage.
5. You can move them to a different stage, or mark them as Won and Lost by simply dragging and dropping the deals.

Timeline View

  1. Go to the Deals module and choose the Forecast view option from the dropdown to get a quick breakup of the deals in the month or quarter in the timeline view.

  2. You can drag and drop the deals to a different month or quarter.