All deals carry with them an age- the time elapsed from the day of deal creation. As a deal ages, the likelihood of winning the deal diminishes i.e., the deal rots or stales. Such deals are referred to as stale deals. The product keeps track of the age of a deal and turns the deal red whenever a deal crosses the staling age. This helps users prioritize and pay attention to deals that are staling. It also helps users clean up their pipeline by getting rid of deals that are old and are unlikely to convert.

How to set up the Stale deals feature? 

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Deals & Pipelines > Pipelines

  1. Click the edit button (pencil icon) of the pipeline that you wish to edit.

  1. In the Deals go stale after section, assign the staling age of the deal in days.

  1. Click Save

How does Stale deals feature work?

As a deal ages and get closer to its stale age, the likelihood of conversion of the deal drops. Deal stale identifies the deals that have exceeded their staling age. The deal card for such deals turns red.

For example, let us assume that the sales cycle for your pipeline is 25 days. Whenever, the age of deal in the pipeline exceeds 25 days, the deal turns red.

On a deal click the three dots icon and choose Show only rotten Deals to bring up all stale deals.

Similarly, the landing page of deals will also indicate the number of days since when the deal is staling.