If your product has multiple pipelines, set the pipeline that is most relevant to you and used by you regularly.


How to set a preferred pipeline as a user?

To set up a preferred pipeline as a user,

  1. Log in to the account.

  2. Click the Profile icon > Settings

  1. Go to the Other Settings tab on the personal settings page. From the Pipeline drop-down, choose your preferred pipeline.

  1. Click Save.
     The selected pipeline will appear as the default view in the deals tab.

How to set a preferred pipeline as an admin?

To set up a preferred pipeline as an admin,

  1. Log in as an Admin. 

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Users.

  1. Choose the preferred pipeline of that specific user from the My pipeline dropdown.

  1. Click Save.

Note: Users can change their preferred pipeline.
The preferred pipeline appears by default in the deals funnel view page.
To view a different pipeline from the
List view: Filter by the deal pipeline field that you want to view.
Funnel view: Choose from the deal pipeline filter.
Click here to know the difference between the list and funnel views.

What is the impact of choosing a preferred pipeline?

  1. Creating deals:

          The new deals created get added to the user-preferred pipeline.

          You can change the pipeline from the Deal Pipeline drop-down if needed.

      2. Deal Kanban view

          This view by default, shows the user preferred pipeline.

      3. Filters: By default, the deal pipeline field under filters is pre-filled with the user-preferred pipeline.

      4. Default views: 

          All default views are based on the user-preferred pipeline.                    

Can I view multiple pipelines at the same time? 

You can choose to juggle between multiple pipelines, but you cannot view more than one at a given instance. For example, If you have to work with pipelines A and B, first choose one of them, say A. To see pipeline B, choose from the deal pipeline drop-down again.

You can view the information about multiple pipelines and compare their progress, revenue, and other metrics on a single report.