When a conversation in the ticket extends to more than a couple of interactions, support agents often collect all the necessary information about the scenario from the customer, add more details like Username, Credentials, and ID, etc. in a private note before they move the ticket to another team. But the private note often gets buried down there in the ticket and it's not really easy to find.

The Summary feature can be used to let agents from other groups/teams know:

  • Progress on the ticket so far and
  • Important information that has been repeatedly referenced

This adds a section below the ticket description, the section can be used to summarize everything the support team or support agent knows about a ticket before they assign the ticket they worked on to another team.

For example, let's say a customer, Sadie has raised a ticket saying she is unable to login to her account and she is sure that the password is correct. In this case, the assigned agent, Aaron, asks the customer when was the last time she logged into the account. There are multiple questions and replies being exchanged and Aaron comes to the conclusion that he has to assign the ticket to Ben from the dev team to get this sorted. 

With the Summary feature, Aaron can simply add a summary like a screenshot below. 


By doing so, Ben (or anyone whose help is required on the ticket)  is on the same page, and he does not have to scroll the thread to find information like the Account id or how many times the customer tried to log in, etc. Once Ben starts working on the ticket, he can edit/update the summary too. 

To edit/update the summary of the ticket, click on the top right corner in the summary section. 

This Summary is similar to a private note and would not be visible to the customers on the portal.
This feature is available from the Blossom plan and above. To enable this, go to Admin > Account > Helpdesk Settings and turn on the option 'Ticket Summary'.

  1. By default, this feature will be turned off. 
  2. If you are already using the Summary app from the marketplace, we request you to turn on the 'Ticket Summary' feature under helpdesk, as the marketplace app will be automatically removed after some days. 
  3. All the ticket summary data in your account has automatically been migrated so as to have a seamless experience in using the in-built feature. 
  4. The Summary app will also be removed from the Freshdesk Marketplace as it is already built as a feature inside the helpdesk.