When a customer answers your satisfaction survey sent through email, they will be taken to a thank-you page that contains additional questions or a text box where they can leave comments or thanks (based on the satisfaction survey configuration in your account).

By default, your portal layout will be applied to this page. For example, if you've changed your customer portal color to reflect your brand, like this:

Then, your survey thank-you page will look like this:

The navigation tab is removed by default. However, if you have changed the code to customize your portal (if you are on the Pro or Enterprise plans), you will see the thank-you page with the navigation tabs. For example, we have customized our own portal, and our thank-you page looks like this:

You can remove these navigation tabs in your thank-you page by adding a check in your header and footer code. 

  1. Go to Admin > Portals > Customize > Clone and Edit theme > Pages > Layout.
  2. Under Layout, go to the Header section and make the following change in the code.

Note: Your existing header code should be kept intact so your customer portal layout doesn't change.


{% if  portal.current_page != 'csat_survey' %}


{% else %}
<header class="banner">
<div class="banner-wrapper">
<div class="banner-title">
{{ portal | logo : true }}
<h1 class="ellipsis heading">{{portal.name|h}}</h1>
{% endif %}

To remove the footer from your thank you page, go to the Footer section and add the following check:


{% if  portal.current_page != 'csat_survey' %}


{% endif %}


You can leverage the same logic and code customization to further enhance and personalize your thank-you page. Explore additional changes to align with your branding, add specific elements, or create a unique experience for your customers.