Search for tickets, customers/contacts, and knowledge base articles (solutions) across your help desk, in the app.


  • Click on the search icon at the bottom and type your search term (ticket ID, contact details, or keywords).

  • Note: Make sure to click on the respective tab before entering the search item


Searching Tickets:

You can search for a ticket using keywords or ticket ID.

Searching Contacts:

Searching in the contacts column displays the details of contacts and companies.

Searching for Solutions:

Similarly, when you search for solution articles, a single primary keyword displays all relevant solutions. 

When you open an article that is suggested, the article opens as a pop-up. Click on the cancel button to return to the suggested articles.



Performing Bulk Ticket Actions on search:


Long press a particular ticket to enter the bulk action mode. Select multiple tickets and perform bulk actions on them. You can delete, mark tickets as spam, close or pick them (assign them to yourself) in bulk using the options at the bottom.


Navigating within a ticket


Click on a ticket to open the conversation. You can navigate to the next or previous ticket by swiping right or left. Click on # more conversations to view every message exchanged.


You can edit the priority (low, high, medium, urgent), status (open, close, pending), agent group, the agent, and add tags within the ticket.