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Agents record and attach ilos screencasts to solutions and tickets

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ilos - For Business

Agents record and attach ilos screencasts to Forum discussions

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ilos - For Business

Customers record and attach ilos screencasts to tickets and Forum discussions

Sprout, Blossom, Garden, Estate, Forest

ilos - For Business

Feature Details:

Installing the ilos app for Freshdesk allows support agents to record screencasts with just one click and automatically embed them to tickets, solution articles, or forum posts. Customers can use this feature too for responding to tickets and forums. This app vastly improves the quality of communication between customers and agents by allowing customers to show what problems they are facing rather than merely writing about it. Similarly agents can quickly share a solution rather than explaining it in text.

Installation Procedure:

The ilos Plugin

This app assumes that agents and customers have installed the ilos plugin that allows capturing screencasts from PC or MAC. Freshdesk account owners that want to use this app are requested to educate their agents and customers to install this plugin on their machines. Appropriate instructions to do the same have been provided in the app feature as well. The plugin can also be downloaded from this link.

Common steps for all users

  1. You need the ilos plugin installed on your Mac or PC before using this app. Click here to download.

  2. Once the plugin has been installed, please login to your ilos profile.

On Freshdesk

Admin Steps

  1. On the ilos website, go to your Account Settings.

  2. Copy your API Key

  3. Login to your helpdesk and go to Admin → Apps.

  4. Click on the button next to ilos videos. This will take you to the app configuration page.

  5. Paste your ilos API key. It is advisable to use the admin API key.

  6. Select all the Freshdesk account feature pages Tickets, Solutions, and Forums where you want your agents and customers to have access to the record button.

  7. Click on Enable.

Using The Feature

Agents can use the app to record solutions, troubleshooting methods, and more with just a click of a button. Once the app has been enabled, agents can use the “Record” button to record their screens and share a screencast.

NOTE: Any text you have in the Edit box prior to recording the video might be lost when the page refreshes. Please make sure all text in the editor is saved before recording a video.

These record buttons, based on Admin settings, can be found

  1. Agents can access the ilos widget in the sidebar of the ticket details, solution article, and the forum discussion pages. 

  2. Ticket Requesters can access the ilos widget to embed videos in the sidebar of the Ticket Details page and the Text Editor of the Topic Discussion page in Forums. 

    NOTE: Please advise your ticket requesters to not have any content in the text editor prior to recording a video in the Forums page. Any content left unsaved in the text editor might be lost as the page refreshes when attaching an ilos video.

To use the app, go to the page where you want to add an ilos screencast

  1. Click on Record.

  2. Give your ilos video a title and description. By default, the title will be the ticket ID, discussion ID or Solution article number. 

  3. If you are adding a screencast as response to a ticket, choose whether you want the video to be added as a private note or public one. 

  4. Once you’ve entered the details, click on ‘Record → Start Recording’. Wait for your desktop plugin to trigger.

  5. Select the recording resolution. You may record the full screen if necessary or just record a specific part of the screen. 

  6. Click on ‘Record’ to start recording in the floating control bar. When you are done, click on the Stop button. 

  7. The video will be auto-uploaded to your ilos account and embedded in your ticket response/discussion/solution article. 

  8. Depending on where you initiated recording from, the following will happen:


Initiating Page

To return to initial page, click on

After recording is finished


Ticket Details

Back to Ticket

Video is automatically posted as private note


Solution Article

Back to Article

Video is automatically embedded and article is saved as a draft



Back to Discussion

Video is automatically posted



Back to Ticket

Video is automatically submitted as a ticket.



Back to Discussion

Video is submitted for moderation. If forum has no moderator, video will be automatically posted as a response