As marketers, identifying the exact moment when your campaigns cease working can be a challenge. The web application automatically detects and stops inactive Journeys, after a specific time period when no contacts enter those Journeys.

Note: The web application automatically changes the status of a Journey from Active to Idle , when contacts do not enter the Journey for 30 days. Once idle the customers can choose the number of days their Journey can be in Idle state before sunsetting (stopping) them.

Here’s how you can sunset inactive Journeys in the web application:

  1. Go to Admin Settings, and locate Sunset Policy in Emails under Communication Channels.

  2. Define the time period to sunset your Journeys.

  3. Once a Journey is sunset, its status changes from Idle to Stopped

  4. If you want a specific idle Journey to be excluded from being sunset, navigate to the Journey, and click on Exclude this journey from being sunsetted from the notification bar. Please note that a Journey can be excluded from being sunset only after it reaches the Idle stage.

  5. Select Yes from the confirmation pop-up window, and you have now successfully excluded your idle Journey from being sunset