Freshworks CRM is an AI-powered customer relationship management solution that combines the power of salesforce automation, marketing automation, chat, and telephony in a single, comprehensive solution. The CRM acts as a single source of truth and provides a 360-degree view of a customer by capturing and combining all of their marketing and sales interactions in one place. Built on a next-gen customer engagement platform, Freshworks CRM helps businesses unify their internal silos and deliver personalized experiences across marketing and sales at scale.

How does it differ from Freshsales?
Given that we had Freshsales, a sales CRM in place, it is only natural to compare Freshsales and Freshworks CRM. The points below clearly chalk out the differences between the two.


Freshworks CRM

Freshsales is a standalone sales CRM with sales force automation capabilities.

Freshworks CRM is a unified solution for sales and marketing teams.

Buy and build the experience

Freshsales is highly suited for a single user persona– the salesperson. To bring in important functionalities such as Call, Chat, and Marketing Automation, Freshsales requires integration with other products (namely Freshcaller, Freshchat, Freshmarketer) from the Freshworks suite. This meant that customers have to purchase and pay for these products individually and integrate them. While integration was seamless, for the end-user, it was a multi-tool experience. Also, each tool had to be configured separately in the respective products UI. , and then manually integrate them.

A truly unified experience out-of-the-box 

In addition to sales force automation, Freshworks CRM also has the same Call, Chat, and Marketing Automation capabilities built-in inside a single solution. There is no need for any integration and users can purchase one solution, configure them inside one UI, and enjoy a unified experience.

Incomplete picture

While Freshsales offers an activity timeline, it faces shortcoming when it comes to capturing activities from across different customer touchpoints such as marketing emails or chat campaigns

Complete context across channels

Powered by CDP, Freshworks CRM give a 360° view of its customers across touchpoints. The activity timeline now captures every interaction right from a website engagement,to chat, phone and email conversations

Freshworks CRM is offered as three different Clouds:

  1. Customer-for-Life Cloud - A unified solution for all sales and marketing needs. To put it simply, it is Freshsales + Freshmarketer + Chat + Caller + Connect + Freddy AI in one platform. 

  2. Sales Cloud - Sales centric solution with Sales force automation, Chat and Caller capabilities. An enhancement of Freshsales. A solution for companies seeking to identify right opportunities and close them faster.

  3. Marketing Cloud - Marketing centric solution with MAS with Contact Management and Chat capabilities. An enhancement of Freshmarketer. A solution for companies looking to attract more leads, have personalized engagement and nurture them better.