As your business expands, your CRM needs also grow. If you need more intensive features or a higher number of users in your account, you can upgrade your plan. Similarly, if you have a small sales team and need limited features, you can downgrade your plan to one that suits your business the best. However, when you downgrade your plan, data associated with features in your current plan will be lost if the same features aren’t available in your new plan.

1. Plans and billings

  • To change your Freshworks CRM plan, go to Admin settings > Account settings > Plans and billing. You’ll find a table with the details about your current plan, the next billing date and time, your billing cycle, and your payment method.
  • Choose the plan you need by clicking the Subscribe button and hit Yes to confirm.

2. Export your data 

  • To export your data, go to Admin settings > Account and click the Export data button.
  • You will receive an email with a ZIP file containing all your data. To download the data you need to authenticate using your Freshworks CRM credentials.

3. Cancel your account

If you wish to move out of Freshworks CRM, you can export all data and cancel your account.

  • Before you cancel your account, you can export your data out of Freshworks CRM. 

  • Once you’ve downloaded the exported data, click on Request cancellation.  Choose the reason for canceling the account and click the checkbox to confirm the cancelation. Finally, click the Confirm Request button.

  • Note: If you cancel your account without exporting your data, the records in the account will be lost. You can retrieve them by writing to the support team within 30 days of canceling your account.