While selling a wide range of products, it becomes complicated to manage different products and related information across various deals. By enabling the products module, you can now capture your business offerings - products or services into the CRM, set the type of pricing, and add them to deals. This helps to avoid manual errors while calculating deal value. 

Enable products module 

  • To enable the Products module go to Admin Settings > Products (under Sales Force Automation) > Products Settings and click on the toggle to enable Products.
  • By enabling the products module, you can import products or add them manually and add products to deals.
  • You can choose from one of three pricing type choices:

  • One-time pricing: A flat or unit-based pricing.
  • Subscription pricing: You can choose from monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. subscription-based pricing models. You can also add the number of billing cycles for the subscription chosen.
  • Both: You can choose to have either one-time or subscription-based pricing.

  • Note: You can also add the tax to be applied to the by specifying the tax percentage. The tax percentage entered here will be applied to all the products.
  • Once the products module is enabled, you will receive an email outlining the following migration: All the products that were associated with deals will get added to the related section.

In the next chapter, learn how to set up Freddy, the AI-powered sales assistant.