Bots help you spare your visitors and customers the trouble of manually filling pre-chat forms and reduce chat drop-off rates. They can help your team focus on conversations that actually matter and generate leads even when your team is offline by collecting quick information from your website visitors.

The ChatBot is built to automate lead capture - collect user information when a visitor initiates a chat, validate responses with follow-up questions, and auto-upload the leads into the Freshworks CRM.


1. Freddy Custom Flows

Custom Flows help to proactively start conversations, ask the right questions, qualify more leads, book meetings 24/7, onboard new users, and support customers. You can design a fully functional Custom Flow by creating simple paths for your prospects to follow.

  • To create a Custom Flow, go to Left Nav Bar > Marketing Automation > Chatbots > Freddy Custom Flows and Click New Custom FlowAdd a title to your Custom Flow.  

  • Add a welcome message to kickstart your bot conversation. The welcome message is the first message your visitors will get. You can make it easy for your visitors to respond by adding multiple answer options they can choose from. You can also add placeholders to the message. 

  • Next, click on the '+' icon on the left and select Response > Quick Replies to add the quick reply buttons your visitors can choose from. 
  • To direct leads, define steps (bot flow) based on their response, click on the drop-down beside each reply button and create a new step. Give each new step, a clear, descriptive name so it's easy to identify later.

  • You can see a list of all the steps you’ve created on the left side of the screen.
  • Apart from default response options, you can also add custom responses and get more information from your customers. Just add a bot message, and configure the custom response option for the data you’d like to collect, like the name of their organization, company size, IMEI number, or anything else you need. 
  • Add a bot message, and configure the custom response option for the data you’d like to collect, like the name of their organization, company size, IMEI number or anything else you need. 

  • Personalize the bot responses within the bot flow using the data you collect, by adding placeholders. 

  • You can guide people through the next steps based on their responses. Instead of adding data fields, you can end a step with reply buttons, creating new bot flows, or book a meeting. 
  • At the end of each step, you can set up follow up actions, based on who your users are. 

  • NOTE: The lightning bolt icon will let you add a follow-up action while the branch icon will allow you to link a new step with the current one.
  • And for people who are just browsing, you can set up the bot to automatically close the conversation, so it doesn’t distract your team from more important tasks.

  • Here are the other follow up actions Custom Bot can do:

  • Make the conversation available for Assignment - The conversation will be pushed to the new conversations view. Based on Assignment Rules or IntelliAssign it will be assigned to a team member or group.
  • Loop in Freddy Answer Bot - For instance, if you have a Custom Bot flow to schedule a demo with a new user, and if the user responds with a ‘No’, you can transfer the conversation to Freddy Answer Bot, and the Freddy Answer Bot can continue helping the customer.
  • Create a ticket in Freshdesk (if the integration is enabled) and close the conversation in chat.

  • View the entire bot flow with the Overview flow. 

  • Click on Preview to see how your bot will work in real-time by interacting with it.

  • Click on Set Live to set your bot in action. 

2. Answer Bot

Answer Bot gives instant, precise answers to your customer’s commonly asked questions 24/7, helping with instant resolutions and happier customers. This will free up your team’s time to focus on issues only humans can resolve. You can train Answer Bot to answer any common question a customer asks at the start of a new conversation. The Answer Bot also performs tone and sentiment analysis, handing over the conversation to a team member when human intervention is very much needed.

  • To set up the Answer Bot, go to Left Nav Bar > Marketing Automation > Chatbots > Answers
  • Go to the Settings tab to enable the bot and set priority to enable bot for all channels or specific channels.

  • Answer Bot pre-learns from your knowledge base and tickets and suggests questions your customers ask most often. It also continuously learns from new conversations, once you set it up.
  • It also categorizes conversations into three categories by tagging them as,

  • Unanswered: Questions you haven't answered yet.
  • Improve coverage: Questions that can be asked in more than one way and for those more variations need to be mapped.
  • Underperforming: Questions that have been downvoted five or more times and need better answers.

  • Customers can ask the same question in different ways. While creating an answer, you can train the bot to recognize each variation of the question, so it answers more customers. 
  • To train the bot, click on New Answer and enter a question. Pick any of the example questions that your answer will resolve and dismiss the ones that it won’t. Pick a follow-up action for Answer Bot to help visitors with the next best actions. 
  • You can add a Custom Flow which can engage customers and close the conversation. Custom Flows can ask the right questions, engage prospects, qualify leads, book meetings, nurture leads, onboard users and support customers. You can enable this by clicking on Bot Flows dropdown.

  • You can also transfer the conversation to a team member when human intervention is needed and. The bot will then leave the conversation open, so your team can follow up.

  • To view all answers you’ve created so far, click on the Answers tab. 
  • To track Freddy Answer Bot's performance click on Insights.
  • You can see,
  • What percentage of your total conversations Freddy Answer Bot successfully resolved for your team
  • How many questions were attempted by the Freddy Answer Bot, and questions it didn’t answer
  • How much time Freddy Answer Bot saved your customers and teammates.

Now that chat widget and bots have been set up, let's move on to the next chapter where we learn about how to customize Freshworks CRM.