Aside from the chat web widget, you can message your customers on apps they use everyday right from Freshworks CRM. Choose from WhatsApp, Facebook and Apple Business Chat. 


1. WhatsApp

Small businesses can interact with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages on the WhatsApp Business app. Medium and large businesses can communicate with customers at scale with the WhatsApp Business API.  

Note: Click this link to learn about the businesses that cannot apply.

The approval for this access is determined by WhatsApp, after looking into specific use cases, messaging volumes per day (only businesses with significant volumes or clear growth plans in under 90 days will be on-boarded), overall reach, internal KPIs to determine the success of WhatsApp as a channel. WhatsApp will review each submission on a case-by-case basis. If you have an existing relationship with Facebook do mention the same at the time of application.

To apply for access, go to Admin Settings > Other Channels (under Communication Channels) > Whatsapp or click here

2. Facebook

By integrating chat with FaceBook, you can route all messages from your Facebook pages to your chat Inbox, and keep all your customer communication in one place. 

You can read, manage, and respond to messages you receive directly from your chat inbox. To integrate, you need to have a Facebook page and you need to be an Admin of your Facebook page.

  • To integrate Facebook with chat, go to Admin Settings > Other Channels (under Communication Channels) > Facebook. 

  • Click Connect and login to your Facebook account.

  • Login with your Facebook credentials and authorize the integration by clicking Continue. 

  • Select the Facebook pages that you want to integrate with chat.

  • You can now allow what chat can do by selecting the required checkboxes.

  • Facebook is now linked to your chat account. 

  • Move the toggle to the right for the pages you want to connect with chat. 

  • To assign incoming messages from your different Facebook pages to different teams (groups), select it from the drop-down.

  • Once you’ve integrated Facebook with chat, anytime someone sends you a Facebook message, it will appear in your chat inbox. You can quickly see if that message was sent from Facebook by checking the ‘Facebook’ tag below your message. 

  • How Facebook messages work in chat

  • Only private Facebook messages will get sent to your chat inbox. If someone posts a Facebook message on your wall it won’t appear in your chat inbox. 

  • When someone sends a message to your company's Facebook page you’ll only be able to see that person’s Facebook name and profile picture in chat. We recommend asking for their email and adding it to their profile. 

  • We support images and videos sent from Facebook.

  • Which chat features work with Facebook messages

  • You can reply quickly to Facebook messages using Canned Responses and FAQs from the Inbox.

  • Bots currently do not work in conversations from Facebook.

  • We support images and videos to be sent from chat.

3. Apple Business Chat

Business Chat will enable you to connect with customers directly from within Messages. By integrating your chat account with Business Chat, you can interact with customers, respond to their questions, resolve issues, and complete transactions from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch through iMessage.

  • Business Chat capabilities

  • Send/Receive Message: Provide a rich user experience to the customer by sending an interactive message.

  • List Picker: Let the customer choose from a list of items by sending a list picker.

  • Time Picker: Let the customer schedule an meeting by sending a time picker.

  • Apple Pay Payment Request: Provide an easy and secure way for customers to buy goods and services through Business Chat using Apple Pay.

  • Message Attachments: Receive and send file attachments.

  • Authentication Message: Pass authentication data between your business and the customer's device.

  • To set up a Business Chat account, sign up at

  • Go to Business chat accounts and add a new account.

  • Acknowledge the policies of Apple.

  • Configure the new account and fill in the account applicant details.

  • Choose the Business Chat account type. You can choose between a commercial account or an internal test account. 

  • To internal test the account, give a name to the account and assign a technical contact.

  • Select the Apple authorized commercial messaging platform as Freshchat.

  • If you're on EU cluster, add the following URL in the Advanced section,

  • And if you're on the AU cluster, use the following URL,

  • Click Next.

  • In the next screen, click Add Apple IDs and enter the Apple IDs of the user to whom the test link has to be sent. These users will receive a URL using which they can initiate messages and test.

  • To set up a commercial account, add the account owner (technical contact).

  • Select the number of locations your business is present in (offices) and add the location details (office address), add your brand information and set the response hours.

  • Set up your brand identity by adding a logo, choosing a header color, etc.

  • Add Freshchat as the Apple authorized commercial messaging platform.

  • These details will be submitted to Apple for review. Once you send your profile for review by clicking the Send for review button.

  • Once Apple has reviewed your account, Paste your Apple Business ID in your account to start using it.

  • Once your business chat account is approved by Apple, click on your Business chat account name and Connect to Freshchat.

  • Click Connect. You will be redirected to your Freshchat account's Apple Business Chat integration page. Enter your Business chat ID. 

  • You can find this in the URL in your Business chat account URL. Paste it in your account.

  • Give a name to your Message Channel for the Apple Business Chat conversations. Select the Group to which you want to assign the conversations and click Connect.

  • Note: Once you do this, you won’t be able to edit the fields again in the chat Business Chat integration page. So make sure you enter the correct details. 

  • If you entered the wrong values, contact support.