Sometimes, your agents will be unavailable and mark themselves as unavailable using the agent status featureAny conversations created during this interval must be assigned to a different agent to avoid a negative customer experience. This can be done using a marketplace app (Agent Assignment App) that automatically unassigns a conversation from an away agent.

Installation steps:

  • Navigate to Admin settings > Marketplace apps > search and install the Agent Assignment App app.
  • You will be asked to enter your Freshchat domain ( and your API Key. 

Note: You can find your domain and API key by navigating to Admin > API Settings

  • You can use assignment rules, IntelliAssign, and other automations to assign the conversation to the right agent. Learn more


This integration enables the system to automatically reassign a conversation to another available agent, ensuring that customers receive prompt and personalized support. With this integration, you can offer faster response times and reduce any delays or disconnections your customers face while waiting for an available agent to be assigned.