Freshcaller provides a set of statuses that you can choose to set your availability. 

When you activate and log in to your account for the first time, your status is set to offline by default. Change your status to available or forward to phone to receive calls.

Based on your availability, your team members can transfer a call or invite you to their ongoing call. It also helps your admin decide whether a call should be routed to you. So, ensure that you set the correct status. The list of statuses available are:

  • Available (default)
  • Forward to Phone (default)
  • Offline (default)
  • Meeting (custom)
  • Break (custom)
  • Training (custom)
  • Lunch(default)
  • After Call Work (default)
  • Busy (default)

In addition to the above statuses, you will also see additional custom statuses that your admin has added to your account.

Note: The After Call Work and Busy are not visible statuses. Your status is automatically set to Busy whenever you attend a call. Similarly, once the call ends, your status automatically changes to After Call Work for sometime (until you close the in-conversation widget).

User Requirements: All users - agents, supervisors, admins, and account admins can set their status. 

To set your availability status:

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller account.
  2. On the top right corner, click on the status drop-down. Here, you will see the list of default and custom status available. You can choose to select your preferred status.

Note: You can make/receive calls only if your status is set as Availble or Forward to phone. To 
understand each status, check Customizing Agent Status.