The Freshchat Inbox is also known as the Chat Inbox or the Inbox. As an agent, you'll spend most of your time engaging with your customers, prospects, and visitors using the Inbox, where you can respond to their messages. Here's a quick overview of the Freshchat inbox.

Using the Freshchat inbox

  • Navigate to your Freshchat inbox from the sidebar to see a list of messages in your queue pending replies (if any).
  • Each message thread includes the name of the recipient (your customers, prospects, or visitor), the Topic through which the chat was initiated, and how long it's been since the message came in.
    • You can change the set of conversations that you are viewing by switching between Views. Learn more here

Sorting the Freshchat inbox

You can sort the messages in your Inbox by:

  • Newest conversation
  • Oldest conversation
  • Longest wait time

Using these sort options will help your agents pick the conversations that need immediate attention, especially when there is a large volume of incoming conversations. By identifying messages that need your immediate attention, you can reply faster and improve your CSAT scores, first response times, and overall response times for your conversations.

The Inbox also highlights the time for which the messages have been waiting in your chat queue.