With the Answer Settings tab, your bot can learn from the FAQs you set up in Freshchat and engage in small talk for a better conversational experience. The Answer Settings tab can be accessed by navigating to your bot > Answers > Configure > Answer Settings.

Here's the list of settings that you can modify for the Answers module:

Enable answers

Toggle on Enable Answers will enable your bot to send out FAQ articles and questions configured in your bot.

Learn from your FAQs

When you switch on this toggle, your bots will make use of your Freshchat  FAQs to offer more relevant answers to your customers' questions. When a customer asks a question, the bot will look for any Answers that match the intent of the customer's questions. If a suitable answer is not available, the bot will share content from the FAQs. Here's how to set t up.

  • First navigate to FAQ and use the Add FAQ button to create FAQs. Type in your content and hit Publish. This process creates the FAQs.

Note: You can also use these FAQs to help your customers with self-service on the Freshchat widgets. 

  • Your bot will go through the flows that you have built. You will need to transfer to Answers to start using FAQs and other features in the Answers module.


Use Flows to help your customers through a series of steps that include collecting and sharing information.

Use Answers to quickly share the right answers to your customer questions.

  • In the bot builder, add an Action wherever you want the bot to start using the Answers module instead of flows. 
    • For example, you can set up conditions to transfer the customer conversation to Answers if they are unsatisfied.
  • Select Transfer to Answers from the Actions dropdown to trigger the Answers module.

  • Once you've added your FAQs and set up the Transfer to Answers action, you can now start training your bot's answers using your FAQs.

  • Navigate to Answers > toggle Learn from your FAQs to ON > Save button.

  • Now, when your customers reach out to you, your bot can help them with a response from your FAQ.

Small Talk

When you switch on this toggle, your bot will make small talk with your customers, offering them a more humanized bot experienced, as opposed to a straightforward question-answer type of interaction. You can choose to use Small Talk to make your bots to sound friendlier and more human-like. Learn more about small talk here.