The Messages Overview report gives you an overview of the number of messages exchanged between your chatbots, customers, and chat agents. 

This report will show the number and types of messages exchanged in a conversation grouped across multiple parameters. This data will help you optimize your chatbot flows. For example, if you notice that the chatbot flow you set up for handling refund-related questions often gets redirected to a live agent, you can update the flow to deflect those questions as well to help you with improving your deflection rates.

A quick guide to accessing this report

  • Click on Analytics > Bot Analytics > Messages Overview report
  • Use the dropdown on the right top corner in the reports pane to switch to the Editing mode from Viewing mode.
  • Set the required filters and get the data

You can use these filters to categorize the messages

Count of messages that were sent across
Message typeFilter, Group by, Underlying data
Type of message sent by the user button click, quick action (go to) , default text message
Message textFilter, Group by, Underlying data
Content of the message sent by the Bot/Customer
BotFilter, Group by, Underlying data
Name of the bot on which a conversation was initiated
Bot VersionFilter, Group by, Underlying data
The version number of the bot on which a conversation was initiated
FlowFilter, Group by, Underlying data
Name of the flow on which the message was sent
StatusFilter, Group by, Underlying data
The current status of a bot conversation - New, Open, Closed
MilestoneFilter, Group by, Underlying data
The unique name provided to a dialogue on the bot flow
CustomerFilter, Group by, Underlying data
A unique identifier for the user that interacts with the bot
Conversation IDFilter, Group by, Underlying data
Unique ID corresponding to each bot conversation
Created DateFilter, Group by, Underlying data
Timestamp at which the message was sent
Message input type
Filter, Group by, Underlying data
The type of input that was provided in the message - text, image, file
AuthorFilter, Group by, Underlying data
Identifier to understand who sent the message - Bot, customer
Message IDUnderlying data
Unique identifier for each message in the bot conversation

You can also create your Message Overview report by applying widgets, filters, visualization, and much more. Learn how to build your report.