Chat analytics lets you learn from customer interactions, which gives actionable insights into your customer experience.

The three reporting modules in chat analytics are:

  • Conversations

  • Messages 

  • Chat Availability

With this report, you can view the number of messages sent as a part of the conversation to avoid unnecessary lengthy conversations, which in turn affect the resolution time. 

Some of the other primary metrics you can get are: 

Attribute name

Attribute type




Count of messages sent in an interaction

Message Type

Filter and Group by

The type of the message (carousel, drop down, calendar, image, attachments, private note, mention, etc)

Sent By

Filter and Group by

Nested: User (name), agent (name), API, BOT

Response Time


Time taken by the agent to send a response after last message from user

Sent At

Filter and Group by

Timestamp when the message was sent

All the above Attributes are also a part of the Underlying data.