Freshchat allows you to track events and set user properties and use them to target visitors and customers better. You can use events and properties to set conditions on your campaigns thereby targeting website visitors and customers with granularity. 

User events that can be tracked can be any micro or macro interaction a visitor or customer undertakes - download of an industry report, the addition of an iPhone to the cart, or a previous URL the visitor had visited during their last session. 

Here is an example from an E-commerce store:

Scenario: The E-commerce salesperson wants to send a triggered message to shoppers who have added a $100 trench coat to their cart.

Solution: This can be achieved by creating 'Add to Cart' as an event and 'Cart Category', 'Cart Currency', and 'Cart Value' as event conditions in your Freshchat account. 

To set up user properties, use the command and code from here.

To add custom events, use the sample code from