Once you have offered the right solutions to your customer conversation, you can mark the conversation as resolved. The customer can choose to respond and reopen the conversation or close the conversation and offer a CSAT response. All resolved conversations can be accessed from the Resolved conversations view.

How to resolve a conversation?

  • Once you have responded satisfactorily to your customers, you can resolve the conversation by clicking the Resolve button or with the Command ⌘ + Y (Mac) / Control + Y (Windows) shortcut.

Note: You can auto-resolve conversations on Freshchat when customers haven't respondded in a pre-defined amount of time. Learn more.

How to resolve a conversation and create a ticket?

  • You can convert Freshchat conversations into support tickets on Freshdesk and Freshservice. You can also share FAQs from Freshdesk in your conversations. Learn more here.

How to reopen a conversation?

Sometimes you will need to reopen a resolved conversation to continue the conversation with your customer. All resolved conversations will show the Reopen button instead of the Resolve button.

How to resolve multiple conversations at once?

You can select multiple conversations at once and resolve, reply to, or assign them to a group/team member. 

  • Hover over the conversations that need to be changed to see the checkbox
  • Check the boxes for all the conversations you want to update
  • Once you've selected the required conversations, you can choose to resolve, reply to, or assign them to a specific group or team member