You can change the plan you use for your accounts, depending on how you use it. Freshworks will scale as you grow — so while you might be fine on the Growth plan today, once you scale to a larger set of customers, you can grow into the Pro or Enterprise plans we offer. 

You can check the plan comparison page to understand the differences between the plans. 

  • Go to Admin Settings > Plans and Billing. You will be taken to My Subscriptions, where you can find the details of your current plans, such as:
    • Your current plan, 
    • Any add-ons that you use
    • Invoices,
    • Addresses,
    • Payment information

  • Click Manage Plan > Change Plan > and choose your plan of choice.

  • You will receive a pop-up message showing the features and add-ons you will lose if you downgrade. Take note of this list, as you may have configurations available only on paid plans before clicking Confirm.

  • You can now see the updated billing information.