Measuring website traffic provides valuable data and insight into the needs and behavior of your users. However, it is not always ideal to run an experiment on your entire website traffic. Instead, you can choose to run the experiment on a section of visitors.

To set it up,

  1. Go to Web Analytics and Management module and select Personalization. This opens the page where you can personalize your website experiments.

  2. Click the  experiment button. This brings up a dialog box where you can give your campaign a name and give the URL where the experiment will be run.

    NOTE: The experiment will track visitors only if you have the unified CRM tracking code integrated into the website.

  3. Click

  4. Set conditions for identifying the URLs to be targeted. 

  5. Set Goals for your experiment

  6. Configure the targeting parameters for your experiment. Choose your audience

  7. Finally, go to the Preflight section, scroll down to the traffic section, and set the % Traffic.

    By default, traffic included in the experiment is set at 100%. We recommend you to use this setting unless you have a compelling reason to change. You could change the percentage(%) of traffic for this experiment using the slider to the required percentage(%). You can also decide the % of traffic that can be diverted to the individual variations of your experiment.

  8. Click the button and click. Now the traffic will be allocated as per your settings throughout the experiment.

    We recommend maintaining an equal distribution of traffic to all the variations (including original) so that the result is unbiased