What are Chat Assignment Rules

You can auto-assign incoming conversations to team members or teams (Chat Groups) by defining rules based on the content of the message and/or any information about the user or contact which you can track using chat.

For example, you might have multiple sales teams for different regions or different support teams to handle specific queries. With Chat Assignment Rules you can redirect the customer to the right person or team in your company. 

How to set up Chat Assignment Rules

Go to Admin Settings > Channels > Chat Settings > Conversa Assignment Rules > Add new rule

Defining rules in chat is very easy. You just have to set up the rule conditions in the 'If' block and the follow up action in the 'Then' block.

When defining a rule, you can use the content of the message, the url it was sent from, or the message source along with any information about the lead or customer such as their country or email address to create a condition. And then choose a follow up action to either assign it to a team member or a Chat Group (team).

If you have multiple rules setup, you can reorder it by holding and moving the rules up or down. 

You can also enable/disable and edit/delete these rules anytime.

Note: If you have set up your Business Hours for Chat, you can even create rules based on your Business Hours for Chat settings.

Chat Assignment Rules and Priority

  • Chat Assignment Rules are order based. Only if the first condition of a rule is met, the Chat will proceed to check the subsequent conditions within the rule.

  • If you have multiple rules set up, and a new message comes in which matches more than one rule, the one on top of the page will take priority and the message will be assigned based on the first rule that matched.

  • Chat Assignment Rules take priority over IntelliAssign. When a new message comes in, it will be first checked against Chat Assignment Rules, if no rules match then the message will go through IntelliAssign and get assigned based on those settings.

  • Chat Assignment Rules will also override any Topics to Chat Group mapping that you have configured.

Some examples of Chat Assignment Rules

Let’s say you have a support team that deals with payment or refund related queries and you want to route all messages containing the word “refund” or “payment” to that Chat Froup in chat. You can write a rule to achieve this. 

Similarly, you can create a rule for your sales use case. Maybe your highest grossing state is California (USA) and you want to route all leads from California to your experienced sales representatives. 

You can use the country or browser language of your user to ensure your French users are answered by your French support team and your Spanish users are replied to by your Spanish support team.