All features of the Helpdesk In-depth report are available from Blossom onwards, except for:

Filters for agents and customers
Ticket drill down (See the view ticket section)

Resolution SLA % is the percentage of tickets that were resolved within the SLA.

The Resolution SLA section in the Helpdesk In-depth report shows the break up of resolution SLA % based on various ticket properties. Only the tickets that were resolved during the selected time period will be taken into account. 

Resolution SLA % = % of Number of tickets resolved within the SLA divided by the total number of tickets resolved during the selected time period.

On the left panel, you can see the overall resolution SLA % in the selected time period and a small indication of increase or decrease in percentage. This percentage is calculated in comparison with the previous timeframe. For example, if the selected time period is a month, then the percentage will be calculated in comparison with the previous month. The red/green arrow indicates if it's a decrease or increase.

You can see the resolution SLA % split with respect to the ticket properties like Source, Status, Priority etc, by clicking Resolution SLA.

View 'Resolution SLA' compliant and violated tickets

You will be able to deep dive into one particular property value by clicking on the corresponding bar. It will bring up a list of tickets that currently have that value. For example, if you click on the blue part of the 'Email' bar in 'Resolution SLA % by source', you will be able to see all the tickets created through email that were resolved within SLA. Clicking on the brown bar will bring up tickets that were resolved after the SLA.

Ticket filters

The Helpdesk In-depth report can be filtered based on all the ticket properties including Agent, Group, and Customer. Using filters, you can see which agent/group regularly violates the SLA.

This also lets you mix and match different properties and metrics. For example, you can see who handled the high priority tickets that violated the resolution SLA.

Resolution SLA% by Source

This graph shows the resolution SLA % of tickets created through each source. You can quickly deep-dive into the SLA violated tickets created through time-sensitive sources like Facebook.

Resolution SLA% by Priority

This graph shows the resolution SLA % for tickets of different priorities. You can find out the percentage of 'Urgent' and 'High' priority tickets that violated SLA and take immediate action.

Resolution SLA% by Type

This gives you the resolution SLA % for tickets of different types. The custom types will also be shown here. You can find out if SLA violations happen because of the type of the tickets or because of the agent/group handling those types of tickets.


Resolution SLA% by Custom Properties

This gives you the resolution SLA % for tickets of different custom properties. If you have multiple custom properties, you can choose any of them from the dropdown and see the resolution SLA % for the values in that property. Please note that custom text fields will not be available in the dropdown for the selection.